EKG Technician Training in Delaware

State mandated EKG technician training and certification requirements in Delaware have not been adopted. In most cases, an individual who is working as a technician in the cardiac department is classified as an assistant and is subject to the rules and regulations affecting the delegation of nursing tasks to unlicensed medical specialists. Those who are considering a career as a technician are advised to review the delegation regulations that will affect them before pursuing this challenging and rewarding employment opportunity.

Delegation Guidelines

According to the Delaware Nurse Practice Act, the term delegation means entrusting the performance of selected nursing duties to those who are qualified, competent, and legally able to perform such duties while retaining the accountability for the act. An EKG technician is often categorized as unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) meaning individuals not licensed to perform nursing tasks that are employed to assist in the delivery of care. The term “unlicensed assistive personnel” does not include members of the client’s immediate family, guardians, or friends; these individuals may perform incidental care of the sick in private homes without specific authority from a licensed nurse.

A nurse who decides to delegate a task to a UAP must adhere to the following guidelines…

  1. Only an RN may delegate tasks
  2. The RN must evaluate the UAPs competence and ability
  3. The RN maintains accountability for the delivery of safe and competent care
  4. Tasks within the scope of sound professional nursing judgment may be delegated
  5. The nurse must assess:
    • stability of the client’s condition
    • educational background, skill level, or preparation of the individual
    • nature of the nursing act
      • performed frequently in the daily care of a client
      • performed according to an established sequence of steps
      • may be performed with a predictable outcome
      • does not involve ongoing assessment, interpretation or decision making
  6. The RN must be readily available in person or by telecommunication

Tasks that cannot be delegated to a UAP include physical, psychological, and social assessment which requires professional judgment, intervention, referral, or follow-up; development of nursing diagnoses and/or care goals; formulation of the plan of nursing care and evaluation of the effectiveness of the nursing care provided; administration of medications, including prescription topical medications; and receiving or transmitting verbal orders.

Education and Training Requirements

While the EKG technician career path is an entry-level position that often requires only a high school diploma or GED, many employers prefer to hire those who have prior experience providing patient care and who have acquired formal education, training, and certification in a related healthcare profession. Two excellent options for those who plan to take an indirect route into the profession include that of the medical assistant and radiologic technologist. These professions can enhance one’s resume and create a competitive advantage.

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