EKG Technician Training in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Public Health does not license or certify individuals who work as technicians in the cardiology field. In addition, the state’s Board of Nursing has not included language addressing the practice of an EKG technician in its rules and regulations. The fact that there are no formal legislative actions establishing the EKG technician training and certification requirements in Georgia does not mean that facilities have failed to adopt their own expectations for individuals who provide direct patient care to cardiac clients.

Career Entry Requirements

Allied health professions such as that of an EKG technician are often subject to individualized requirements established by different employers. In some cases, a medical facility may offer an entry-level position to those who have no previous experience in healthcare. In these types of situations, the employer usually provides new employees with some level of training that is specialized to the area where the new hire will be working. Experienced technicians may also be tasked with the job of providing new technicians with the knowledge and skills that they will need in order to be successful.

As the healthcare landscape continues to change and additional regulations are adopted, many industry professionals believe that even unregulated health professionals should voluntarily complete formal education and certification. The acquisition of expanded credentials is an important part of enhancing one’s resume and can go a long way in helping an individual differentiate themselves from an expanding applicant pool. In the case of an EKG technician, there are nationally recognized certification options available that help demonstrate an individual’s competency and commitment to high quality patient care. Successful completion of the certification process has also been shown to increase lifetime earning potential, result in better benefits, and open the door to more employment opportunities.

Those who are considering a career as an EKG technician are encouraged to contact potential employers to find out more about their specific training and certification requirements. Evaluating employer expectations prior to completing education, training, and certification can save time and effort in the career advancement process. Also, those who are new to the workforce can accelerate their career through job shadowing, volunteering, and part-time employment. The pursuit of the these opportunities often allow individuals to network with influential people in the profession and can result in long-term employment.

State Contact Information

Georgia Department of Health

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Georgia Board of Nursing

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