EKG Technician Training in Wyoming

There is no Professional Licensing Board that is responsible for creating the EKG technician training and certification requirements in the state of Wyoming. The fact that no regulations addressing this profession exist does not mean that those in the field will not be expected to demonstrate competence and work under the supervision of a licensed provider. Employers tend to classify the technician as an unlicensed assistant who is required to become certified as a nurse aide and comply with rules affecting delegation of tasks to unlicensed providers.

Delegation Regulations

The Wyoming State Board of Nursing establishes and enforces regulations that determine how tasks are to be delegated to unlicensed assistants. According to state law, all decisions related to the delegation and assignments are based on fundamental principles of the protection of health, safety and welfare of the public. The nurse who is responsible for patient care must assume responsibility and accountability for the care provided to the patients. Tasks requiring assessment, planning, evaluation, and nursing judgment cannot be delegated. Prior to delegation, the nurse must evaluate the condition of the patient, the competence of members of the team, and the degree of supervision that will be required if a task is delegated. Communication is a fundamental part of the care and the nurse must provide instructions that are clear, concise, correct, and complete.

The following criteria must be met in order to delegate a task to an assistant…

1) Evaluation of…

    • the needs and condition of the client
    • potential for harm
    • stability of the client’s condition
    • complexity of the task
    • predictability of the outcomes
    • ability of the staff to whom the task is delegated
    • context of other client needs

2) Task-specific, client-specific, and assistant specific

3) Within the nurse’s area of responsibility and scope of practice

4) Appropriate to delegate

5) Can be properly and safely performed without jeopardizing the client’s welfare

6) Doesn’t require nursing judgment, observations, assessments, or decision making

Delegation is not required in situations where a particular activity or task is already within the legally recognized scope of practice or role of the individual who is to perform the activity or task. Within the cardiac care unit, the routine tasks that a technician is often expected to perform includes things like telemetry, Holter monitoring, electrocardiograms, vital sign collection, and medical history documentation. The amount of supervision required depends on a number of factors including the stability of the patient, the training and capability of the technician, the nature of the task being performed, and the proximity and availability of the supervisor.

Education and Training Requirements

The fact that an EKG technician is not licensed by the state of Wyoming means that it is possible to enter the field with little or no college education. While some individuals have managed to secure employment without acquiring prior patient care experience in a generalized area of practice, many employers prefer to hire applicants who have already mastered the basics of patient care and who understand the challenges that are commonly encountered in a medical setting. For this reason, aspiring technicians may find that they will need to strengthen their resume through a degree or certificate program and a few years of work experience.

Two popular entry-level patient care positions include that of the medical assistant and nurse aide. These 2 fields tend to have fewer hiring requirements and provide many opportunities to acquire the basic knowledge and skills that are needed in all areas of practice. In addition, a couple of years of employment in one of the professions is a great way to begin networking with EKG technicians who have been working in the profession for many years and who can offer valuable advice on the steps that can be taken to advance one’s career.

State Contact Information

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