EKG Technician Training in Alabama

There are no state agencies or organizations that have legislation affecting EKG technician training and certification requirements in the state of Alabama. The Alabama Department of Public Health is responsible for developing and enforcing the regulations for health professions and may establish formal electrocardiogram regulations in the future. The fact that there is no legislation governing EKG technicians and technologists is a reflection of the low health risks associated with procedures performed in this specialized medical profession.

Individuals who are considering a career as a technician will find that there are many different routes that can be taken in order to enter the field. In many cases, technicians begin their career in healthcare by acquiring an entry level position as a nurse’s aide, medical assistant, or radiologic technologist. As an individual gains more experience in the medical environment, they are commonly exposed to different specialties including that of cardiovascular technology. Individuals who like working with nurses and other allied health professionals to diagnose and monitor common heart conditions often find that the EKG technician career path is perfect for them.

Education and Training Requirements

Those who are new to healthcare and who do not have prior patient care experience can improve their chances of being hired by working with individuals who have been in the field for awhile. Job shadowing and part-time employment opportunities are an excellent way to familiarize oneself with a particular profession while trying to make a final decision on whether a career path is appropriate. In addition, individuals who are completing a health related college degree program can use these types of work arrangements to help supplement their income while they are in school.

Some medical establishments require technicians to complete a college degree and a certification exam. In the case of an EKG technician, the most that is usually expected is a two-year Associate’s Degree in a healthcare related program along with the successful completion of a certification exam administered by a nationally recognized organization. The extent of your prior healthcare education and experience can have a big impact on how much additional education and training you are required to complete. Those who have already finished a two to four-year degree program will have an easier time finding employment as an EKG technician because they will only have the certification process to complete. In addition, experience in the healthcare industry can accelerate your advancement in the cardiovascular field.

The fact that Alabama has no EKG technician training and certification requirements means that individuals who want to pursue the career path will have fewer hurdles to overcome than those living in regulated states. While not all employers will require technicians to complete formal education and certification, it is a good idea to plan on acquiring credentials. Certified technicians may enjoy a higher salary, better benefits, more job options, and the ability to transfer formal credentials between regulated and unregulated states.

Training Programs

The Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System (CAVHCS) offers a training program for individuals who wish to become an EKG technician in Alabama. This educational opportunity was created in partnership with the Montgomery Job Corps Center and consists of four weeks of specialized cardiopulmonary instruction. During the training process, students are taught to perform specialized tasks relating to EKG equipment orientation, electrocardiograms, vital sign collection, and administrative duties. Admission to the program requires a processing packet, a photo id issued by the government, non-photo id, resident card, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.

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