EKG Technician Training in Arkansas

There are no state agencies or organizations that are tasked with regulating EKG technician training and certification requirements in the state of Arkansas. Unlicensed providers who administer electrocardiograms, heart studies, and telemetry usually acquire experience in an allied health profession before transitioning to the cardiovascular department. Depending on an individual’s experience and/or credentials, they may or may not be subject to regulations relating to the delegation of nursing duties found in the Nurse Practice Act.

A list of professions that are currently required to be licensed in the state of Arkansas can be found on the Department of Health website. The fact that an EKG technician is not required to be licensed by the state does not mean that health facilities will not require them to complete a degree program in an allied health profession and a certification examination. Most employers prefer to hire individuals who have prior experience with direct patient care and who are familiar with how electrocardiograms and other cardiac monitoring devices work. It is important for aspiring technicians to contact facilities directly about their expectations prior to beginning the application process.

Delegation Regulations

According to the Arkansas Nurse Practice Act, nurses may delegate certain nursing practices which do not require the substantial specialized skill, judgement, and knowledge required in professional nursing. Chapter 5 of the State Board of Nursing Rules outlines the guidelines by which tasks can be delegated to unlicensed personnel. Registered nurses who choose to delegate eligible practices to unlicensed personnel must make sure the following requirements have been met…

  • A licensed nurse delegating the task is responsible for the nursing care provided.
  • A nurse must make an assessment of the client’s needs prior to delegation.
  • The nursing task must be one that…
    1. a reasonable and prudent nurse would assess to be appropriately delegated
    2. would not require nursing assessment, judgment, evaluation or teaching skill
    3. can be properly and safely performed by the unlicensed person
  • A nurse must have written procedures for the proper performance of each task
  • A nurse must have documentation of the competency of the unlicensed person
  • The delegating nurse shall be available either in person or by telecommunication.
  • The licensed nurse shall be responsible for documentation of delegated tasks.
  • Unlicensed nursing students may work only as unlicensed nursing personnel.
  • The licensed nurse shall adequately supervise the performance of delegated tasks.

Experience and Certification Requirements

One common strategy for entering the EKG technician profession in Arkansas is to spend time working in a cardiovascular department as a nursing aide or assistant. Although an employer may prefer to have nurses perform tasks associated with cardiac monitoring, some technicians may have the opportunity to take on more tasks as advanced personnel become comfortable with their level of competence and experience. It is also important to voluntarily complete certification exams that are offered by industry organizations.

State Contact Information

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Arkansas Board of Nursing

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