EKG Technician Training in Pennsylvania

There are no state agencies or organizations that have adopted EKG technician training and certification requirements in the great state of Pennsylvania. The fact that no state agency or organization regulates the profession does not mean that a technician will not be expected to demonstrate competence. Facilities often have their own standards for deciding who is eligible for an open position in the cardiac department. In addition, individuals might work under the supervision of a nurse who decides which tasks can be performed by unlicensed personnel.

Delegation Regulations

The Pennsylvania Board of Nursing does not have detailed policies and procedures for the delegation of tasks to unlicensed personnel, but many department administrators do follow the standards that have been established by the ANA (American Nurses Association). The principles upon which delegation is built include…

  • The RN takes responsibility and accountability for the provision of nursing practice
  • The RN directs care and determines the appropriate utilization of any assistant
  • Assessment, planning, evaluation and nursing judgment cannot be delegated
  • The decision to delegate or assign is based upon the RN’s judgment
  • The RN delegates only tasks for which the assistant has knowledge and skill
  • The RN individualizes communication regarding the delegation
  • The RN verifies comprehension
  • The RN follows the Five Rights of Delegation…
      • The right task
      • Under the right circumstances
      • To the right person
      • With the right directions and communication
      • Under the right supervision and evaluation
  • There is both individual and organizational accountability for delegation

Common responsibilities that will be delegated to an EKG technician include things like that of standard procedure preparation, Holter monitoring, telemetry, vital sign collection, electrocardiogram administration, and documentation. Other tasks may be included in the job description depending on the place of employment, services offered, and the needs of the cardiac care department. Since requirements can vary a lot between employers, it is always a good idea for individuals to go ahead and discuss the position before signing an employment contract. The details of the job are usually discussed in great detail during the orientation and training process.

Education and Training Requirements

The EKG technician is commonly classified into a group of allied health professionals known as unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP). Since the technician is supervised by a registered nurse or licensed physician, there is little need for them to complete lengthy education and training programs. Some colleges and universities offer short certificate programs that are designed to introduce individuals to the important principles of providing cardiac care services and may serve to strengthen an individual’s resume when applying for employment. However, aspiring technicians should inquire directly with employers before enrolling in this type of program. Many facilities offer their own in-house training programs that may be required regardless of any certificates that have been completed elsewhere.

The healthcare sector in the United States has experienced an increase in its susceptibility to litigation related to the negligence of providers who choose not to follow standards of practice. For this reason, medical establishments have adopted more stringent practice standards for those who want to work in the cardiovascular department and other areas of healthcare. In many cases, facilities prefer to hire applicants who have experience with direct patient care and who have completed at least a two-year allied health degree in a closely related field.

State Contact Information

Pennsylvania Department of Health

Phone:         (877) 724-3258
Toll-Free:   (800) 852-0518
Email:          not provided

Pennsylvania State Seal8th Floor West, 625 Forster St.     Harrisburg, PA 17120

Pennsylvania Board of Nursing

Phone:         (717) 783-7142
Fax:             (717) 783-0822
Email:          st-nurse@pa.gov

2601 N. 3rd St.     Harrisburg, PA 17110

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